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More is More! The new style trend of colors, patterns and textures

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

In all out shopping sprees we come across loads of beautiful decor pieces that we long to buy, but..... would it fit the style? How can I match it with what I already have? Would it be too much? ....

My suggestion, stop worrying too much. What are the chances of a bunch of pretty things together turn out ugly???

Ok, if you are a minimalist, no clutter, clean and airy person you can always go with this golden rules:

  • Go with groups of three

  • Keep the colors limited to two

  • Choose items with different heights

  • Stack small ornaments on big flat ones (if possible)

Worst case scenario..... they dont look good together. Two options here:

  • Call it eclectic and let your eye get used to it!

  • Set up different decor compilations that go together, you dont have to use everything together. Save one group for now, and another group of decor pieces for another season.

In summary, get what you like and chances are, you will find your new style.

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