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The Viking Style??!!

I usually drop the question somewhere along the way; what is your style. Most times, the clients look surprised before answering that and then wait for me to utter a list of styles of which they pick one. The other day, when I asked the question from this couple, the surprised look was on me. Apparently, the answer to style question was “Viking”. Yes, that’s right, their style was Viking.

Ever since then (its been three days and eight hours), I have been on a mission to find out everything I can about a viking interior. Mind you, for someone with Middle eastern background, this was as unfamiliar as it could ever be.

After some minor reading and major browsing, I finally got a grasp of what a viking interior in twenty first century can look like.

the ambience is mostly quiet, minimalist, rough and rugged and rather dark. The material include lots of wood; reclaimed, broken, rustic, tree turn or bark or branches. Also, touches of black or rustic metals and lots of old cracked leather.There are major elements contributing to this style, mainly; antlers, animal heads on the walls, wall art with animal subject, hide or sheep skin and leather seating.

So if you find this style, kinda your thing....... great, now we have a name and definition for it! Viola.

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